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**PLEASE NOTE: Auditions for the fall play and musical are full.  If you'd like to be added to the waiting list for an audition time, please email sknickrehm@cytindy.org.  We OFTEN have drops and pull from this list.  No refunds for class fees will be given due to not receiving an audition.

In a CYT Indy class, you will create memories for a lifetime, learn from experienced teachers, performers, and technicians, and have lots of FUN. Classes are a great way for students to gain valuable theater arts training, develop confidence, and make life-long friends!

For students 8 and over, purchase a session membership for $224.  Once a student is a member, they can enroll in as many classes as they'd like for no extra charge. Members also have the opportunity to participate in a CYT production as an actor or a crew member!

For a full list of classes, click HERE.

CYT Private Voice Lessons!

Christian Youth Theater is proud to offer private voice lessons at the CYT Annex in Noblesville.  You must be a current CYT member to participate in CYT's voice lessons.

Private voice lessons teach the student proper breathing techniques, extend their vocal range, help them "find their own sound" instead of imitating others, and how to care for your vocal chords while singing. Voice instructors also prepare you for upcoming auditions.  Most importantly, voice lessons help you sing more confidently!

Jaimie Mosier

CYT's own Jaimie Mosier, teaches Mondays between 3:30 and 8 p.m.  Jaimie's rates are $25/half hour or $45/hour.  (Hour lessons are not available for students under 14.)

Jaimie is so excited to teach private voice lessons with CYT! Learning proper technique is very important for singers, but what Jaimie loves most about teaching private lessons is that so many life skills can be learned. Jaimie was born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio and graduated in 2015 from Anderson University (Anderson, Indiana) with a BA in Music Business. 

Her favorite role was Jane in Tarzan (2019), where she made life-long friends and met her now husband.  She currently lives on the south side of Indy with her husband and puppy. Jaimie has loved being a part of the CYT family since 2016, music directing and teaching classes.

Interested? Email sknickrehm.org to schedule lessons.

Hannah Knickrehm

Hannah, teaches Tuesdays between 3:30 and 8 p.m.  Hannah's rates are $25/half hour or $45/hour.  (Hour lessons are not available for students under 14.)

Hannah is so excited to begin teaching private voice lessons with CYT! As a former CYT student herself, Hannah knows exactly how to slay that audition, impress at rehearsals, and performa like a pro--all while protecting your voice. Hannah has a BA in Music Education from Butler University. 

Her favorite role was Kala in CYT's Tarzan, and you might recognize her as Music Director from CYT's Musicals in a Week!

Interested? Email sknickrehm@cytindy.org to schedule lessons.

Current Classes:

Class: Age: Chapter: Location: Day: Time: Start: End:
CYT Fall 2022 Membership
** Available Member Classes
8-18 Indy 1
(Fall 2022)
Location / Times vary Aug 13 Oct 09

Class Guidelines

• Respect for teachers, staff, parents, and other students is expected at all times.
• Kind language will be used. Name-calling, profanity and/or inappropriate actions will not be tolerated.
• Students’ conduct will be respectful of property, and therefore, any damage done to property will be replaced or repaired by the student.
• Drugs, alcohol or smoking are strictly prohibited. Overt physical contact between students is inappropriate at CYT activities.
• There are no refunds for Classes/Membership.

Dress Code:
CYT expects students to dress modestly and appropriately, in a way that promotes a healthy environment and eliminates distractions. 
• Overly tight or revealing clothing is not acceptable.
• Please leave your belly buttons at home.
• No "half moons" showing under your jean shorts..
• Undergarments are not to be visible or exposed.

Financial Assistance

CYT Indy offers scholarship opportunities for our Fall, Winter or Spring Classes to those who are experiencing financial hardship. If you are interested in being considered for one of these scholarships for our current session, please fill out the form by the deadline. We look forward to seeing you and your child get involved in CYT!

We're sorry.  The scholarship application for fall has passed. Please check back for information on winter scholarships.  No scholarships are available for summer camps.

Questions?  Email kdrake@cytindy.org