Session: Winter 2021
Chapter:  Indy 1
Location:  TBD
Time:  12:00am - 12:00pm
Starts:  10/27
Ages:  8-18
Tuition:  $195.00

Class Description

Become a CYT Member for Winter 2020-2021!  
  • CYT operates on a membership basis.  Each student between the ages of 8 and 18 will purchase a membership to CYT for $195/session.  Once the student is a member, they're eligible to audition for the show or apply to serve as a stage manager/student assistant director.  (We're sorry--due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not offering winter classes for students under the age of 8.)
  • As long as a student is a member, he/she may take as many classes as they would like.  For a full list of winter classes offered, click HERE. Busy with sports or other activities?  Only take a few classes.  Want to really engage with CYT and develop amazing theater skills?  Take several workshops throughout the session.  It's your choice!  Regardless of the amount of classes the student takes, they are still eligible to audition or serve on the crew.
  • Once you purchase a membership, you will receive a confirmation email with web links to register your student for individual classes and workshops.
  • Please note:  If two students are neck-in-neck during the audition process, directors will ask to see how much CYT training the student has.  This may impact casting.
For our Covid-19 precautionary guidelines, click HERE.

Please note:  There are no refunds for this class.  Classes may be taken virtually if needed due to the pandemic.
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Class Location:  ** TBD **